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Central Air Purifiers For The Whole House

We have all heard of central heating and most of us have heard of central air conditioning, but how about central air purifying? Indeed, is there such a thing? When you go to the mall or general department stores, you tend to see local air purifiers that are air purifiers that clear the air in one room only. They are portable systems, so that you can watch TV with it on and then take it into your bedroom at night.

This is all right as far as it goes, but rooms are interconnected and the ‘dirty’ air soon comes in and mingles with your nice clean air. What you really need to do is clean all the air in the whole house, in every room simultaneously. This would be on the same principal as central air conditioning. In fact most central air conditioning systems incorporate an air purifying system. Admittedly, they are usually pretty basic on older conditioners, but they can be very sophisticated too, if you are willing to get a more expensive new conditioner.

The middle ground if you do not want to upgrade your central air conditioner or even if you do not want to air conditioning, is to fit a central or ‘whole house’ air purification system. This is most easily and most economically carried out if you already have ducting in your house for central heating or air conditioning. The central air purification unit is then simply put in line with your existing ducting.

The central air purifying apparatus is installed into a home’s central HVAC (heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system, just upstream from the air handler (the furnace or the air conditioner), similar to a central humidifier. This type of central installation enables CAP (Central Air Purification) systems to continuously remove allergens, pollutants and other irritants from the air being supplied to the entire occupied living space of the home, rather than just one room. Installing the CAP unit like also keeps it completely out of sight and out of the way.

CAP systems can be fitted into virtually any type and configuration of forced air HVAC system, regardless of age, and are a common sense add-on or upgrade. Many of these systems incorporate a powerful ultraviolet light for added purification. This is called photo catalytic oxidation.

Photo catalytic oxidation has been proved to be highly effective at clearing airborne biological and chemical contamination (206% more powerful than chlorine and 157% more powerful than hydrogen peroxide. The energy field in the photo-catalytic chamber is roughly 10,000 times more powerful than natural sunlight).

These modern whole house or central air purifiers are extremely efficient and can give a new lease of life to sufferers of airborne allergies such as pollen. The system is relatively inexpensive, if you already have ducting in place, otherwise that could cost you an extra $3,000 – 4,000. The actual air purification units themselves are a lot cheaper, costing between $300 and $1,000 and the installer can fit them in minutes with common tools.