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How You Can Benefit From Whole House Ventilation

As the name suggests, a whole house ventilation system is one that supplies the house with clean dry air, while removing heavy moist air. Mouldbuster is made up of a team of experienced home ventilation experts that are skilled in the installation of all types of whole house ventilation systems. There are numerous ways in which you can benefit from installing this ventilation system in your house.

1. Works Faster

As opposed to having individual fans in each room, a whole house ventilation system will draw out hot humid air very quickly, and then cool air will rush in to replace the air that was removed. This happens in a matter of minutes, and you can enjoy the cooling effects after a hot day in the sun. However, it is important to note that this will only work if the air inside your house is hotter than the one outside.

2. It Is More Energy Efficient

It saves more energy as compared to air individual fans in each room and air conditioning.

3. Low Cost Of Operation

Generally, you can save up to 25% of the money that you would have otherwise spent on air conditioning. This is because this type of ventilation makes use of a whole house fan and vents. The fan works by equally drawing in clean air and pushing out stale air through the vents. After you install this system you will notice your electric bill getting smaller.

4. It Is Cheap

The whole house fan can cost you less than what you would pay for air conditioning in one room. If you factor in the cost of installing an AC unit and all the ductwork involved, you will be surprised to know that whole house ventilation is ten times cheaper. The best part is if you live in an area that does not experience extreme temperatures during summer, and then your whole house fan could completely replace your air conditioning system.

5. Simple Installation

The whole process of installing this type of ventilation system is very simple. Most of the whole house fans are built to fit into your attic or roof, and all you would need to do is to make a few adjustments here and there. If you love fixing things around the house, then this could be your next DIY project. It is so simple to install that you can do it on your own, single-handedly.

6. Quiet

Most recent models of whole house fans are designed to produce as little noise as possible. Some even make no noise at all. This is unlike air conditioning units which sometimes emit very annoying sounds. You can still use your whole house fan even when you are sleeping and you won’t even hear a thing, no matter how light of a sleeper you are.

7. Get Rid Of Stale Air

Ever walked into a room that was full of moist smelly air? You even found it hard to breathe? Poor ventilation does that. Without knowing it you could easily accumulate stale air in your home but a whole house ventilation system will help you not only get rid of it but prevent it too.

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