Types Of Ventilation System

System That Can Cool Your Home

Category: Exhaust Fan Installation

A Whole House Ventilation System

At present the debut of an extractor fan is normally completed on an “ad hoc” basis, that’s to say that when there’s an immediate issue with either a heat, steam or an obnoxious odor issue this can be dealt with at source by installing an extraction fan and appropriate ducting. This may imply there are a number of independent fans in various elements of a domestic home each using its […]

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Kitchen And Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

An optional calculation method is described for reducing the whole-building ventilation rate in an existing house with high infiltration. They can also be ramped up to an exhaust (maximum) speed for spot ventilation. There are three types of whole-house mechanical ventilation systems: exhaust-only, supply-only and balanced. Historically, mechanical ventilation was limited to local-exhaust (kitchen and bath exhaust fans) for spot control of moisture and odors. Where a range hood or […]

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